Avant-garde Economics

Dr. Viktor



The name of my company OiCOS is the old Greek word oikos which has several meanings: the family, the family's property, or the house. It denotes the basic unit of society. Oikos is the origin of the words "ecology" and "economy". I consider the ecology to be the context of the content which is the economy. Hence, in the word oikos the context and the content have been the same and by that they were still properly aligned. The reflexive economics that I am developing as the technology of OiCOS defines the anticipative decision as the basic unit of societies. Reflexive economics is meant to be suited for the alignment of the context with the content. What I mean by a not properly aligned context and content is best described by a little story.

Douglas Adams was not completely right in the setup of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: the Vogon constructor fleet will not demolish the planet Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass but it is the evolution of the universe which out selects planets without an algebraic resource management system. And we do have a massive accounting inconsistency as the 7th continent of plastic like the one next to the paradise of Hawaii.

The consequences of an accounting inconsistency where the context and the content are not properly aligned can be best seen in the bird of Chris Jordan:

CF000313 18x24.jpg