Avant-garde Economics

Dr. Viktor



Playing & Producing
@Stuttagart, media mutant

I was start-upping before there were start-ups. My job was to setup our film company called media mutant and execute the going to market strategy. So, I was the producer and the unit manager at the movie shots. We started within the music industry producing video clips. After I have left the company in order to study economics the rest of the gang has advanced the company towards the more profitable production of advertisement and cinema movies.

Studies & PhD
@Univ. of Mannheim, Louvain-la-Neuve

I have studied economics, political economics, money and exchange rate systems theory and politics and econometrics. After my PhD in optimal currency areas applied to the European monetary system, computational economics and econometrics I was left with the understanding that economics fundamentally lacks modern tools from mathematics and software production.

PostDoc & Foundations
@Oxford, Hawaii, ETH

After the diagnosis of my PhD that economics is fundamentally broken I was searching for a refoundation of economics. I found the solutions in very theoretical computer science. With the most recent mathematics it is possible to resolve the self-referential and reductionistic problems at the core of economics. 

Revolution & Attack
@Mannheim, Glasgow

After several years of research in formal semantics of programming languages and most abstract mathematics I have gathered a team of understanders for applying mathematics and computer science to economics. In 2015 I have established the company OICOS and since the end of 2016 I am a full time entrepreneur again. Now with the mission to redefine what economics, money and economies are meant to be.