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I am a dad, an economist, a money theorist, a nerd and someone who wonders why he understands to be an ape with a dot on his forehead. Even more strange is why we hang out on a rock formed like a potato with water gravitating around it and why we tear around a hell of fire in the nothing of everything. But the strangest of all is that other apes have claimed that this all happens in the center of the universe while actually it takes place in a run down galaxy of a universe with possibly no center at all.


The question is obviously what is the meaning of all that? With this confusion in mind I have tried to get to the basics and to answer the question "What is life"? It was a fatal starting point and has led into "How does life gather itself into groups called societies? What is the core of such groups compared to machines? What kind of math do we need in order to describe, organise and control these strange phenomena?" The equivalent economic question of these biological and sociological questions is "What is money?" - the question I am after since 1996.

Possibly the most fatal point is that I believe to have found the answer to these dots on our foreheads. Money is a communication medium for achieving consensus on the criteria of resource allocation while optimal management is the synchronisation of control at different time scales which is the same as consciousness. We have defined the mathematics and software technology for that. This forms the base technology driving the company OiCOS that I have founded in order to turn the theory into reality - reflexive economics for an engineered approach to ecosystems that is consistent with life. Reflexive economics is a blend of the most modern mathematics, computer science, biology, software technology and a new kind of economics.

The lesson to learn: beware what you are asking for. It may take 30 years to find the principle to answer: if the universe is asking you something that can only be answered by a paradox then you should answer by a self-description. The reflexive meaning of life is to program yourself.






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